The winner



Prepare for take-off !
Congratulations Richard Guinancio. This lucky duck will soon be boarding, destination New York ! He's the happy winner of the Duck Dance contest, in which he shook his webbed feet and flapped his wings in the most unique style!
He will be flying directly to the United States !

Step 1
Shake your tail feathers

You're a cute little duck and you know it. It's time to puff up your feathers and shake your booty. Put your right foot forward because everything starts from there! And you’re ready to go, spin around with a smile on your beak!

Step 2
A wing and a leg

Pay attention now - concentration and synchronisation, my little duckling! Move your duck’s feet in and out in one graceful movement, don’t forget to flag your wings to the rhythm. Hey duck - don’t pass the buck - and don’t move off too fast. Be patient - pause before takeoff!

Step 3
Fly away home

You’re tired of paddling in the pond. You’re all beautiful, all warm and your feathers are itching to hit the heights. Who says your webbed feet are stuck in the mud? We’ll show those doubters who think ducks have no rhythm in their feathers and with a magnificent rustle you have liftoff. You look beautiful. You’re an e-e-eagle!

If you like, bust loose on the decibels and give us a quack if you’re feeling good.

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